Sports Betting in Idaho: The Top Sites for Placements in 2023

At this time, Idaho does not provide any form of state-sponsored sportsbook wagering. However, the state does offer a respectable selection of legal gambling entertainment options. Tribal casinos, state lotteries, charitable gambling, and pari-mutuel wagering are all well-liked betting options. The Federal Wire Act, which regulates wagering legislation in Idaho, declares the operation of an online sportsbook unlawful throughout the entire United States. Nevertheless, residents are not prohibited by law from engaging in online activities like Idaho sports wagering at authorized offshore sportsbooks situated beyond the borders of the United States.

Legal Gambling in Idaho

Idaho presently prohibits complete sports wagering. In order to authorize comprehensive sports wagering, the aforementioned legislation would have to be repealed or amended. For a more in-depth analysis of this matter, please refer to our specialized Idaho gambling page. Idaho Code 18-3802 criminalizes the majority of forms of wagering. Consequently, this legislation encompasses games of chance such as roulette, backgammon, and poker. At present, the sole types of wagering that have received official approval from the government are charity bingo and raffle-style activities and the State Lottery. In addition, lottery games, such as the PowerBall and Mega Millions, which offer enormous multi-state prizes, and immediate play scratch-card games are permitted for wagering. Engaging in online sports betting is not sanctioned by law in Idaho. Fortunately, the existing legislation is designed to penalize bookmakers and online casinos, so private individuals can continue to utilize their services without significant legal repercussions. There is currently no immediate expectation that Idaho will hasten to enact legislation regulating online poker activities.

The Sports Most Popular in Idaho
The sparsity of major league sports teams in Idaho is predominantly attributable to the absence of expansive metropolitan areas. With just over 205,000 inhabitants, the largest city in Idaho is generally deemed too small to accommodate an MLB, NBA, or NFL team. There are minor league organizations in the province. In addition, a significant number of lesser four-year and junior colleges are located in Idaho. This level is highly regarded by both novice and experienced gamblers alike, and it is the only one that consistently provides wagering lines. A few days per year, pari-mutuel quarter-horse racing is held in the majority of county seats, whereas Boise’s racing season (which includes thoroughbreds) runs for five months, three days per week. Polo dominated the Boise athletic scene between 1910 and the 1940s. In conclusion, skiing and golf are state-wide favorites, and Sun Valley, a resort of international caliber, is the epicenter of these activities.

The Anatomy of Sports Wagering in Idaho

Gambling and the history of settlement in Idaho went hand in hand, similar to many other Western states. During the period of the California Gold Rush, speculators delighted in risking their wealth in municipally regulated casinos. A new town was ‘artificially’ established on the periphery of Boise after World War II in order to provide the city’s inhabitants with a refuge for wagering. This trend persisted until the postwar period. The Idaho state legislature outlawed all forms of gambling, including slot machines, the lottery, and poker wagering, in 1953. The wagering options are currently restricted. A selection of wagering options are available, including pooled or pari-mutuel wagers on horse racing at licensed or live racetrack venues. Each charitable wagering event, including duck racing, bingo, and lotteries, is subject to a license requirement. Additionally, you may place wagers on pool or billiards.